Hi, I'm Archana. Welcome to The Yum Factor, my little corner on the web !

I enjoy cooking and find it really therapeutic to work in the kitchen and see the joy my food brings to those I serve!

I tend to get bored of similar type of food everyday and so I'm always trying my hand at different cuisines. I do make a lot of substitutions, using whatever I have on hand and luckily for me, my son and husband are always willing to trying out anything that I make.

Over the years, I have noted down recipes from my mom, mother-in-law, relatives friends, neighbours, TV shows, recipe books – you get the idea – basically from anyone who has cooked something I liked!
I have come back home and tried out the recipe, but invariably, though it turned out well, it would just not taste the same. It could be an ingredient that I left out or tried substituting for, or most of the time, it’s because the person cooking just has this magic touch that I don’t!!
This is what I call "the yum factor" - that special something that makes all the difference !

We moved from Bangalore to Ahmedabad couple of years back and lived out of a guest house for months, eating the same type of food on a daily basis. I started this blog when we moved to our own place and I had the kitchen back in my hands.

It was a new place and I had no friends, no job and was bored to death. Cooking and blogging helped me keep my sanity through it all!
I have graduated from my maggi noodles dinner days to actually baking bread for breakfast and its been fun all along.

You will find a lot of Mangalorean / Konkani recipes that I have learnt from my Ma apart from the many culinary experiments in my kitchen

If you'd like to contact me, drop in a mail to yumfactor@rocketmail.com

Hope you like the recipes here. Happy Cooking !


Nandita Pai Shirali said...

Hey u a konkani too!? I am :) Glad to bump into ur space... u have some nice recipes in here. Keep bloggin! Cheers :)

Prabhat Sharma said...

Hey! This is a real surprise!
Don't know how i missed it till now :-)
The blog looks awesome! Will definitely let Shilpa in :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Archana.. Love your blog and as per me you are a very inspiring blogger. So heres the same award for you. Do collect it from .. http://www.tadkamasala.com/my-first-award/

ANU said...

Hi Archana,

My first time here.....luv your space full of beautiful looking recipes...

Happy to follow you ....

Would appreciate if you visit mine....

Anu's Healthy Kitchen

Archana Banerjee said...

Hi Archana! This is a awesome blog! I love cooking too and love to experiment with different cusines. I was looking for a childhood fave, something I still order at restaraunts when I visit Mangalore - bhuhus roti and found it in your website. Loved it!! Thanks for sharing.

Smitha Kalluraya said...

Hi Archana,
u have a awesome collection of recipe.. first time here..Would appreciate if u visit mine..

shanti said...

Tried your recipes ( date bread and raisin bread), they are definitely YUM!!!

Shruti J said...

Hey Archana,

It's great to know about you! Came across your space when I'm back from that city :( Happy to connect :)

Keep cooking! Visit me @ http://cookingwithsj.com :)


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