Friday, November 9, 2012

Chocolate balls made by my little chef !

My son will turn 7 in a week and he had made this butterless chocolate cake almost two years back. Back then, I had to read out the recipe and take the ingredients out for him and put it in the oven. This time he's made this himself, in fact its a recipe he learnt at school !


In his school, they have a parent interaction session once a fortnight, where a parent goes and teaches the kids something creative or shares a story with them.
Last week, he learnt about making chocolate balls and he was super excited when he came home. This is totally his recipe from what he remembers. I had to translate the actual measurements from what he showed me with the height of his fingers.

He never liked playing with clay or playdoh when he was little. He always found it too 'yucky' and hated to get his fingers dirty. Today, when he had to make this dough, he started with a bang, but then wasn't very sure since his fingers had dough all over. But he got the hang of it and managed just fine.


He adores the kids in Junior Masterchef Australia, and the movie Ratatouille is one of his favourites. Thankfully, he loves his food and isn't fussy about eating. He is open to trying new stuff and its a real blessing. I have seen mothers fuss over their kids and the kids always run away from food.
He has a big sweet tooth and always wants something sweet at the end of his meal.

He dressed up as a chef for a fancy dress at school sometime back and now nurses a dream of opening his restaurant one day !

chocolate balls with sprinkles

He made these and was very happy with the way it turned out. He said 'Mamma, can you put this on the Yum Factor'. There was no way I'd let a chance like that skip by, so here it is, from my little chef. Yes, I am one proud Mamma !!

chocolate balls1

Its super simple, takes less than 10 mins, and is great fun for kids to make. If you like involving kids in your kitchen, this is a great way to start. We coated some with sprinkles, some with icing sugar and some with cocoa powder. They turned out a bit too sweet for me, but kids will love it !

chocolate balls

We are off on a little vacation for Diwali and will be back in ten days.
Wish you all a wonderful Diwali. May this Diwali bring a lot of love, peace and happiness in your life. Enjoy your Diwali and stay safe.

Chocolate balls
(This recipe makes about 15 chocolate balls)

What you need -

20 Marie / digestive biscuits (about 3/4 cup when powdered)
3-4 tbsp milk
1/4 cup granulated sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder
sprinkles, cocoa powder, icing sugar to decorate

What you do with it -

Pulse the biscuits to a powder and set aside in a bowl
Grind the sugar to a fine powder
Add the cocoa powder and stir well
Add the milk and stir once or twice. Add more milk if it is too dry.
Knead with your hand to form a smooth dough
Roll in the sprinkles, icing sugar or cocoa powder or even have it plain

6 comments: said...

Junior Master Chef Australia has done what many moms have tried but failed.. getting the kids into the kitchen (making a general statement here) and its soo nice to see kids really looking at the kitchen positively rather than another chore. This is such an easy simple recipe and with chocolate in it, am sure a hit with the kids.

Nupur said...

Your little boy is a child after my own heart!! His love for cooking will make sure he is well fed and has friends wherever he goes.

Happy Diwali to you all!!

Sumee said...

Lovely.. Those are so colorful. My little ones helped last night with cookies and my son asked me the same thing if I would post it .. LOL. Happy Diwali to you all

Prathima Rao said...

Tell the lil budding chef that these chocolate balls looks tooooo...good & perfect, so neatly done...He is sure to become one of the top chefs, he is your son after all!! Looking forward to more of his recipes :)

And you have a nice vacation..Happy diwali..See you soon :)

Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

Anonymous said...

you should send him to Junior Chef contest, i am sure he will win! He is 7 and baking, let alone cooking. I am sure I only knew eating at that stage. :P
These balls look fabulous. I guess mom's genes working there. :)

Anonymous said...

Great ! Right on his mom's footsteps !



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