Monday, November 28, 2011

Eggless Butterless Chocolate Cupcakes

My little boy turned six last week and on Saturday, we had a party for him at home. Called about 16 kids, all 6 year olds, mostly boys, some totally destructive ones, others plain naughty !! You can just imagine what my house looked like after that !!

eggless chocolate cupcakes

My cousin and another friend were here to help around with the cooking, we decided on making everything at home, including the cake ! My son is a huge fan of Chhota Bheem, an animation TV serial hero, who is 9 years old and super strong !!
We decided on a Chhota Bheem cake, the recipe used for the eggless chocolate cake, is from my previous post and my creative cousin did all the icing to make it really look like Chhota Bheem ! We used chocolate shavings, icing sugar, butter and some almond meal (when we needed to thicken it, for the eyes). Its not a smooth complexion and he looks slightly tanned, but my son loved it, and that's all mattered :)

Chhota Bheem cake

We also had fries, macaroni in cheese sauce, frooti, sandwiches, steamed and buttered corn and these mini chocolate cupcakes...

cupcake close up

I searched around that morning for the recipe and found this here, its a brilliant recipe and came about so easily !

I slathered on some homemade buttercream icing on the cupcakes and then decorated with little sugar animals and some sprinkles...I would have loved to do some really pretty icing, but this was my first attempt with icing, and with kids, I knew I wouldn't be judged on the way the icing looked !!
The cupcakes were really soft and moist, and all this without butter !!

I followed the recipe exactly as she says, so I am not rewriting it here. Please take a look at this link for the cupcake recipe
Thank you so much !!


Unknown said...

Looks so cute and beautiful too

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

belated happy birthday to the little one. though birthdays are always fun but somehow I feel little sad as it reminds me how time flies. you would not realise when they grow up and leave home...
my son is a chota bhim fan too. and when am writing this he is watching the same just after coming back from school. his only dream is to be strong to defeat Kalia somehow.
the cakes look real good. baking such big quantities without eggs could be a big hardle. but you managed it so beautifully.

Radhika said...

Are the boys of same age the same too. Mine's a big fan too. love the cake.Belated B'Day wishes to your kiddo

Manju said...

Happy Birthday to the little one. That chota bheem cake looks super cute :)

Prathima Rao said...

Such adorable cupcakes!!Im sure the sight of these got everyone excited!!Belated happy bday to the lil one ;)
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

Vani said...

The chhota bheem cake looks really good, Arch! Great job with doing everything at home. And birthday wishes to the little one.


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