Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mango in Coconut milk / Ambe Rasayan

The good thing about being here in Ahmedabad is that we get mangoes for almost 4 months in a year...The last of the season is the 'kesar' which comes from Junagadh in Gujarat and is almost as good as the famous Alphonso mango...They are really sweet and its still available in the market !!

If mangoes are not in season, you can make this with bananas, honeydew melon, or a combination of grapes and bananas

mango rasayan

This is a classic Konkani recipe that uses mangoes, coconut milk and jaggery. Can be eaten as a dessert or as the main meal with puris.
Ma has made this when we were in Bangalore and my son relished the combination of the mangoes and coconut milk...

What you need -

2 ripe mangoes
1 cup coconut milk
2 tbsp jaggery (add more if you want it sweeter)
1 cardamom powdered

What you do with it -

Cut the mangoes into bite size pieces
Add the jaggery to the coconut milk and mix till it dissolves well
Add the mango pieces and cardamom powder
Mix well and refrigerate
Serve with hot puris


Unknown said...

Mango and coconut milk that sounds totally yummy

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

mango and coconut both my favourites. looks awesome.
between did you try the gloripan yeast?

Cooking Foodie said...

Yumm... i would love some with puris...

Miri said...

What a bowl of creamy fruity goodness this is - I would so love to have a spoon, i am so deprived of good mangoes here - the safeda and dasheri are fine, but really give me alphonso and kesar anyday.


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