Friday, March 18, 2011

Instant Dosa

TH loves dosas, I prefer idlis, he loves chutney, I prefer sambhar, but over the many years that we have been married now, I have started enjoying dosas and he likes idlis !!

Initially, making dosas seemed like the the most cumbersome task...soak, grind, ferment, was really too much of advance preparation for a simple breakfast...
Instant dosas were a saviour...You can have the dosa in less than 10 mins from the time you decided on eating one !

instant dosa

This recipe is from my friend Lal, who had brought them to office once...
Its my emergency dosa recipe - gets done in a jiffy...

What you need -

1 cup maida / AP flour
1 cup rice flour
1 cup rava / sooji / semolina
1 tsp cumin seeds
2 tsp grated fresh coconut
2 tsp chopped coriander leaves
4-5 cups water
1/2 tsp salt

What you do with it -

Mix the maida, rice flour and rava in a large bowl
Add water to make it into a smooth paste
4-5 cups is an approximation here - I really dont measure the water - the consistency should be thinner that the regular dosa batter
Add cumin seeds, chopped coriander leaves, coconut and salt
Heat the tava and add a few drops of oil
This dosa cannot be spread out like the usual rice-urad dal dosa batter
Take the batter in a big ladle and start from the sides, then bring it to the centre. What I do is move the tava to make the batter fill in the gaps, if any
Cover and let it cook for a minute or two
Then flip over and fry for another minute
Serve with a freshly ground chutney or a chutney podi, like this one


Anonymous said...

hi archie!
its me deepti from school. love your blog. try and come here as much as i can! by the way, this instant dosa or didheer dosa as my mom calls it:) is my eternal favourite. it comes out quite well. what you can also add is: curds. its sour then. as in mix in curds and the rest water. keep aside for 15 mins.
sometimes what i also do is (to make it a little more "authentic") is add dried and powdered methi leaves. kind of the menthya taste comes in :) but either way its a brilliant recipe! keep up the great work archie!
your ardent follower,

Miri said...

I love this lifesaver - those days when you cant think of anything for breakfast but dont want bread!

Prathima Rao said...

This yummilicious do come in handy for evenings...Loved it Arch!!
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

Indian Khana said...

I have the same story ..only thing I like idly/dosa and DH doesnt ..I love all types of chutney and he doesn't :( ...I make instant dosa almost same way ..dont add coconut...such a yummmy b'fast

Cooking Foodie said...

Lovely Dosa recipe

I have an award waiting for you
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