Monday, April 20, 2009

Bangalore, Ma and Jolada Rotti

Mom-cooked food, sunny weather with a hint of rain, family chatting around, tea at midnight to keep us awake to chat up some more - life doesnt get better than this.

Its been just a few months since I visited Bangalore last, but the routine back in Ahmedabad - alarm at 6 every morning, rushing my son to school, ridiculously hot weather and the lonliness was getting to me so much, that I have really been waiting for this nice break.
I packed my bags almost a week before i actually travelled. It feels wonderful to be back in the familiar environment never realise all the little things that you like about a place till you actually move away and long for things that you had taken so for granted that it didnt merit a thought back here..I even missed the Radio channels played here and was so thrilled to hear all those RJs again..

I know I am going a little overboard, but the move after all these years has been most difficult on me. My son seemed to adjust real fast with his school, S is super busy with his new job, and change of place seems to have the least effect on him.
For me, it meant leaving behind everything familiar- home, work, friends and family..

This morning for breakfast, ma made these lovely soft jolada rotti with homemade butter and a spicy cumin-coriander chutney.
Jolada Rotti is a popular typr of rotti made in Noth Karnataka and also called as Jowar bhakri in Maharashtra.
The dough with this flour is generally not rolled out with a rolling pin, its instead patted into shape by the palm of your hand and I personally think its an art to get that right...I am terrible at making those, so ma decided to show me an easier version which I can actually roll out

Here's what you need -

1 cup water
1 cup jowar flour
a pinch of salt
1/2 tsp grated jaggery

Heat the water in a pan and add salt and jaggery
Keep it on a real low flame and mix in the jowar flour little at a time, stirring in continuously
Mix and stir till its well 'cooked'
Allow to cool and then roll into a dough
This dough can then be rolled out with a rolling pin, though you need to handle it with very careful hands

Seemed easier than flattening it with the hand and tastes awesome with some butter and a spicy chutney


Miri said...

The things we do in the name of supporting one's family...I hear you and your feelings Arch - it's difficult to settle down in a new place and find friends who are of the same wavelength when you pass a certain age - before that you have common interests which draw you together -books, education,music etc.
Now, I find I can't be friends with someone JUST because our kids are friends - there has to be something more!

I realised that I end up doing all the networking that goes into settling down - maid, plumber, electrician, Buying household stuff, school admissions , car pools - everything needs me to pick up the phone and make some calls - like men don't have friends??
I have stopped doing a lot now - rent is going to increase in a few months but I'm not making calls to find the market rate. Car pool needs to be worked out - there is a reason I work in back office, its because I dont like calling up and speaking to random strangers! So my car goes back and forth till such time as someone else makes the effort.
Couldnt use the sink tap for three weeks - didnt bother calling the plumber! ;)

Enjoy your break and all the pampering that comes with it!

SJ said...

So true! Finding someone of your wavelength is the biggest issue-here you just cannot make friends with people with kids-they will not have time for chit-chat, cooking or anything. They are super busy with kids!! Like Miri said- I have stopped making any effort to get friends, I mean it should happen just like that no? I find it wierd to go and hunt down someone to be my friend!

You enjoy your stay as much as you can. I remember I had packed my suitcase a month before my trip to Blore!!! I have never had Jolad roti before, people kept telling me they serve excellent Jolad roti in Kamat Rest. Home made butter..mmm, amma used to make that!

FH said...

Same here too. Husband wherever he works gets busy and kids go to school and I am the only one left holding the fort and do all the things ,worry about everything.

Hugs to you, takes time and you will somehow be okay! :)

Jolad rotti looks exactly as I remember in Hubli, puffy and soft. Excellent recipe, thanks. Chutney looks spicy, add the recipe for that too if you can Arch.

Suparna said...

Hi Arch,
Enjoy ur break and have a great time.
I love jolad rotti and make it the same way, the chutney looks super yummy Asha said it'd be great if we could get the recipe for it dearie :)
Enjoy maadi.

Jayashree said...

Enjoy your break....I agree with you totally that it is only when we move away from a place that we start missing so many things that we always took for granted.

Cham said...

It is hard at the beginning but u will feel better soon, I never go down to hunt just for friends, I keep myself busy in some way!
I ve heard a lot about Jolada rotti looks excellent.

Archana said...

@Miri and SJ, so true about 'making friends'...i find this huge culture shock between bangalore and ahmedabad...lots of 'joint families'...women are busy cooking and looking after kids the whole day, no time to go out for a coffee too..

@Asha, Suparna - recipe on it way :)

@Jayshree, i didnt realise it till this visit back home

@Cham, i try to keep myself busy but with S's late working hours, the boredom and lonliness really gets to me...but i am sure it will get better soon

Unknown said...

First time here, you do have a nice blog..
I think we all are on the same boat, when it comes to our native place and where we chose to live after that. Food brings us all little closer though this blog world ..
Jolada rotti looking yum..

Vanamala Hebbar said...

wow looks your jolad rotti came out well... gr8 yaar

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